Build an Empire on Mars and join the war for Millennium!

With more than 80 million players, the Goodgame Empire is the biggest hit of Goodgame Studios and is one of the most popular browser games in the world. It is therefore not surprising that the German publisher has decided to launch a declination for this excellent MMO game...
Where the plot of Goodgame Empire is in a medieval kingdom, it is now in space, on the planet Mars, that takes place the action of this new free game, called "Goodgame Empire: Millennium Wars".

The game will first be launched in mobile (for Android and iOS) in the first quarter of 2018 (probably in March). Then, the computer version, playable directly from its browser, will see its launch scheduled for the month of July 2018!
Still a little patience, then, and you can build your empire on Mars, for the domination of the coveted ore: the Millennium.

Millennium Wars - Empire game

Name : Goodgame Empire: Millennium Wars
Free : Free to play / Freemium
Platform : Browser game / Android / iOS
Type : Strategy - Management - War
Editor : Goodgame Studios
Instant play : Yes (basic inscription)
Opponents : Humans / Other players
In English : Yes (+10 languages)

In this new massively multiplayer online strategy game, you will be transported to Mars. A rare resource called Millennium having been discovered on the red planet, several mining companies compete fiercely to dominate the industry of this precious mineral... In a world of fierce decisions and of sabotage, players will need to be persistent and strategic in building their corporate empire on Mars. They can search (by scanning the surface of the planet Mars), mine the Millennium on the rich veins, defend their convoys or loot those of other players, in order to ship as much of Millennium as possible to the powerful MTF ("Mars Trade Federation").

Millennium Wars Poster
With rich graphics and very attractive, and effective gameplay, having proven itself with his "big brother", it is a safe bet that this new MMORTS will delight fans of empire games, space games and other strategy games, and that Goodgame Empire: Millennium Wars will become one of the most thrilling and popular browser games of the year 2018. To you, the space adventure, with the possibility of joining a war in space with millions of other players in the world, to build a base on Mars and train your units, to lead an army for heroic clashes where your tactical spirit will be put to the test, to loot enemy bases and cargoes, and to join you to other players and communicate with them in real time.

Good luck, and your planetary empire thrives on the Millennium and your unparalleled tactical spirit!

Video presentation of the mobile version of Goodgame Empire: Millennium Wars, whose release is scheduled for early 2018.

Second trailer of the massive free online multiplayer empire game.

Instant play